15% Daily For 10 Day
Minimum $ 10
Maximum $ 10,000
150% After 1 Day
Minimum $ 20
Maximum $ 10,000
30% Hourly For 5 Hours
Minimum $ 30
Maximum $ 10,000
150% After 1 Hour
Minimum $ 40
Maximum $ 10,000
Genuine Company
Heavy Duty

Modern and high-capacity coin mining platform making decaflops each second and ensuring superior computing speed.

Advanced Security

Every measure is taken to make you feel safe always — from your first visit to your millionth withdrawal of profit!

Cloud Mining

Our plans include adding cloud mining functionality. Selling mining capacity is a great way to increase profit for our investors.

Sellar-profit.club LTD

Investing is easy, profit is fast.
Enjoy your lifechanging profit!

Who we are

Sellar-profit.club LTD, a reliable investment company located in the United Kingdom, specializes in Crypto Currency mining and trading through using the state-of-the-art infrastructure that has been specifically designed by our highly trained professionals to provide you with extravagant investment opportunity that is both highly profitable and sustainable for a long run.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people who are interested in Crypto Currency but don't have sufficient knowledge or don't know how to get started. With our help, we strongly believe that we can help our investors make their dream come true through our platform.

Partnership program

for Affiliates & Representatives

We are introducing another great opportunity that you can greatly benefit from by inviting your friends, family or anyone who is looking to make a healthy and sustainable investment. Whenever someone invests to BitRain using your referral link which you can find in your account, you will earn 5% on every deposit he or she makes.


Use your referral link to introduce other people to this opportunity and earn 5% of each deposit they make.


Upgrade to Representative to increase your referral earnings to 10% of every deposit made by your direct invitee.

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